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Welcome to Ayan Vitality

A new awareness is dawning upon the world. That water is not just a simple chemical, H20. Water is actually a dynamic structure, and is the most intelligent supercomputer ever created. Ayan Waters mission is to restore water to its highest vital state, for the healing of humanity and the earth.

The Wonder of Water

99% of all molecular interactions in your body occur through water. Although no life can survive without it, water is taken for granted because we can just flip a tap and drink.
If water is the medium for the creation of all life,how we can we use it to heal life?
What water are we drinking today, and what are the ramifications upon our health?
What is the healthiest water I can drink, and what is in it for me, my family, and co-workers?

Why Water

Along with transporting minerals and nutrients, water is responsible for regulating our body temperature, supporting our immune system, relaying information across our nervous systems, detoxifying our cells, and millions of other tasks in the body.

Water Toxicity

Those of us in the 'developed' world have been led to believe our water is safe, but this is based on a rudimentary understanding of water safety i.e.Bacteria and Virus elimination. The toxicity is actually startlingly high. Chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, even residues of the drugs we take, they all end up in our drinking water

Our Disconnection from Natural Cycles

Imagine water charging down a river, full of vitality and energy, picking up minerals from the rocks along the way, nourishing everything along its banks. Notice how life thrives along rivers? Many great civilizations began next to water. This water is rich, alive and fulfilling.

Now imagine a bottle of water. Chemically processed, stripped of all of its natural minerals, stagnant, devoid of energy, and carrying all of the memory that has brought it to the corner store you bought it from. This is the water that many people are drinking today.

When you stop the natural flow of water in a dam, the stagnation causes the water to turn arid, releasing methane into the environment, and the resulting oxidization cause the water to lose its powerful charge. Companies then take this 'dead' water, chemically process it, strip it of its minerals, and deliver it to the market in the form of bottles and taps.

The Ayan Vitality

Proper Hydration = Good Health. Our bodies are composed, on average, of about 70% water. Our brain tissue is made up of about 85% water. Rocket science? Not quite...but close.

Ayan Water is produced from AYAN VITALITY - The World's First Energy Infused WaterOptimizer. The AYAN VITALITY was created to replicate the water found in the HunzaValley, by taking water through a 6 stage process shown below to produce Ayan Water!

The Six Stage Process

  • Filtration
  • Ionization
  • Memory Clearing
  • Micronization
  • PH-Acid/Alkaline balance
  • Ayan Infusion Process

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